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1955 Pro Street Studebaker Commander

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"Humble Beginnings"

Studebaker Beginnings

"I paid $900.00 for this piece of junk!
But...I had a vision..."

1955 Studebaker

this is the result...

Studebaker at Piedmont

I bought this car in the fall of 1990 from Jerry Wentz in Danville, Va. It had been sitting in his junk yard under a pine tree for over 12 years and the funny part of it was that he had gotten the car from Rustburg, Va and carried it to Danville, Va., then 12 years later I was living in Rustburg mail district and went to Danville and brought it back to Rustburg. That car had come full circle!

This car started out to be a "low buck" Pro Streeter but after the top got chopped that all changed. I expect Iíve spent around $40,000 in this car to get it to where it was in its hay day! The specifications that are listed below are how the car is setup now.

The chassis for this car came from Chassisworks on the West Coast. It was a "kit" that they pre bent all the tubes for, etc so when I went to assemble it most of that work was already done. With a friends help, we had a rolling frame in less than 15 hours! That was pretty good since the Camaro I built took me about 6 months to get to that point. The front has tubular A arms from Chassisworks with their Econo Coil overs on the front and it has QA1 adjustable shocks on the rear. Spindles are Mustang II with an Wilwood Pinto clone rack for steering. The wheel base on the car was shortened 10 inches and the engine was set back 10 inches also. When the car was finished, 54% of the total weight was on the rear tires.

Out back there is Herb McCandless Dana 60 rear with a spool and a 5:13 Richmond gear. Moser axles finished that end out. The driveshaft was fitted with 1350 Spicer joints and NONE have been replaced to date. Yes the car is street driven and the spool doesnít seem to effect drivability much at all.

The tranny is another PowerGlide I built myself with a TCI 1:96 low planetary and trans brake valve body. The torque converter is a 9 inch nitrous converter from BTE. The tranny has a TCI/Perry shifter with a Dixie Air Shifter that is RPM activated by the MSD ignition. There was NOS system on the engine at one point but it isn't on it now. I still have it though.

Wheels are Weld Pro Stars all around with 15x3.5s up front and 15x15s out back. Street tires are M/T 21.50s on the rear and Michelin 165 SRx15 Z rated up front. Over the years Iíve run Hoosiers, M/Ts and Goodyears on the rear with not much difference except the M/T DOT streets, which were crap. They worked well on the street but not at the track. Those tires were run on a spare pair of Weld Pro Star 15x15 wheels that I have for this car.

The engine started out as a 400 GM block with all 5 main caps replaced with steel ones and the three in the center are 4 bolt. A NASCAR shop out in Western North Carolina did that work. Crank is a Cola 4Ē stroke along with a set of Carrillo rods. BME pistons with a full .100 DISH make the compression low enough to run pump gas. The cam is a Comp 268*/272* with .660 lift in at 106*. Heads are Brodix Track 1s with a mild port job. Intake is a Holley Pro Dominator with dual out of the box 750 HPs, or a Brodix intake with a single modified 1050 Holley Dominator depending on which one I want to run. A 6 quart Moroso stroker pan, BBC oil pump and pickup along with a remote dual oil filter setup complete the oiling system. Hooker headers from a 62 Corvette with 3 inch Super Trapp mufflers complete the exhaust.

The car has a full set of Autometer gauges including in dash 5" speedometer and tach. Right now it has just a little over 6k miles on it. The interior has full carpet along with sound deadening insulation all around. Both the race seats have custom seat covers with the Studebaker name embrodried in the head rest area. Also in the dash is a Craig Pioneer tape deck that feeds two amps, one in the trunk and another under the dash for 300 watts of stereo power. 6 speakers, including two Bose in the rear make up the sound system. That tape deck was replaced TWICE after likely failing due to racing vibrations and such and it's not working now! The car had heat and A/C in it also but I removed that to lighten up the car a few years back. I still have it and it can be reinstalled in a few hours. The last item on the dash is a Dedenbear Reaction Time Delay box that is used for racing.

The ignition system is all MSD with a 7AL-2, a Pro Power coil, MSD Billet distributor, an RPM activated shift, two setp and also a timing retard for the NOS system. An overhead Switch panel from Chassisworks finishes out the interior. Oh, and there is NO back seat! No room for it with the engine setback and the shorter wheel base!

I completed the first stage of this car and first drove it in January of 1992. I didnít start racing it until several years later after I got tired of the show circuit stuff. Even after I started racing it we still went to the occasional cruise in at the local mall though. One particular cruise in stands out as we were testing the car at Virginia Motorsports Park earlier in the day, then when I got home I unloaded it and drove it to the cruise in that night after running 10.09 @ 137 in DOT trim at the track. That was fun! Later on in 1998 the car ran 10.09 @ 134 at Super Chevy in Rockingham, NC on motor alone running another pump gas 434 engine that I no longer own.

In 1996 I went to my second Super Chevy meet at VMSP and that same weekend Faye and I were married there. In Sunday eliminations we went to the quarter finals loosing to the guy that won it and on top of that, we got our picture in Super Chevy magazine. That was a very good weekend as we made enough at the race to pay for the trip!

Well, the rest is history as they say. I still own this car but havenít raced it for a number of years now.

Studebaker at Rockingham

Studebaker at Summerduck

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