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1997 - 235" Cameron Dragster

1997 235 Cameron Dragster

Well, after being bitten by the dragster bug and selling the first one I went looking for a roller chassis on Racing Junk. Found a car that was owned by someone local that I knew and went and talked to him and looked the car over. The Cameron was in MUCH better shape than the Boulton that I had and after negotiating price for a couple of hours I agreed to buy that car.

I put the engine out of the Studebaker in that car, bought a set of headers from Scoop on, built my first shorty glide and went racing.

The car had a fabricated rear housing, MW aluminum 9 inch center section with a 4:30 gear and MW axles. Rear wheels were 15x16 Weld Alumistars and the fronts were Weld Pro Stars. The car had dual Optima batteries up front along with the fuel cell.

MSD 7AL3 with a Pro Power coil lit off the spark and it also had a Dedenbear shift controller. I pulled that out and used the 7AL3 to do the shift. That car had a Digital Delay crossover box in it, which had the bump up and or down feature but I never used that part.

Never won anything with it other than some round money but at least this car looked and drove good. When I got pushed into early retirement in December of 2005 I sold the car thinking I couldn’t afford to keep it. This proved to be wrong later on but the car was gone by then. I do wish I still had this car!

1997 235 Cameron Dragster

1997 235 Cameron Dragster