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1990 - 225" Boulton Dragster

1990 225' Boulton Dragster

Well, about 2004 I got a wild hair and went and bought a "turn key" dragster and trailer from a guy named Shawn Brown in Centralia, Ill. It was on Ebay and boy was that a bad move. The car turned out to be junk and I spent the first 3 months getting it where it was safe enough to race!

The engine in that car was the one and only BBC that Iíve ever owned. It was a stock block 482CID with Ross Pistons, stock crank, BME aluminum rods, Lunati cam and lifters and a set of EPD GM snowflake heads. When I bought the car I didnít know it had aluminum rods in it and when I called the guy back he couldnít tell me how many runs were oníem so that meant that a new set was in order @ $800! I put it back together and finally got it running but the Enderle mechanical fuel injection sucked. So I contacted Jimmy Leonard down near the coast and he met me at Virginia Motorsports Park and we went thru that system and found MANY things wrong with it. After fixing all that stuff the car ran a 5.26 @ 130 in the eight mile. Not being happy with that, later on I put my two Rupert 750s on it and it ran a 5.02 @ 137 in the eight and 7.96 @ 168 in the quarter. That is the fastest Iíve ever been in my life.

That car had one rear mounted battery along with MSD 7AL2 ignition. A Biondo Mega 450 took care of the shift and delay.

In the fall of 2005 I sold this car and trailer to a guy down the other side of Raleigh, NC and Iíve never heard anything about it since.

Boulton Dragster

Boulton Dragster

E.T. at 1/4 mi - VA. Motorsports Park
1/4 Mile - VA. Motorsports Park - April 10, 2004