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1993 Dodge W350 LE

1993 Dodge W350 LE

This is what hauls the mail so to speak. After pulling with an 83 half ton Chevy and almost having a major wreck because it wouldn’t stop I decided I needed more truck! So in December of 1999 I bought the Dodge from a guy named Bob Reynolds out in Ft. Chiswell, Va.

The truck had 78k miles on it when I bought it. The paint was a little rough so I had it painted 3 years ago as I plan to keep it a while. It now has 113k miles on it and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Before I retired in 2006 I put a new set of Michelin radial tires on it so we should be good to go for a while now. About the only thing this truck gets used for is towing the race car trailer.

The fully loaded 4X4 1 ton Dodge has a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine that has had a few “tweaks” done to it to raise the power a bit. The result of that was that the old G360 5 speed OD transmission went south in the spring of 2008 and was replaced with a fully rebuilt NV4500 5 speed OD out of a 1997 Dodge truck. Right now that truck will get around 13.5 MPG towing my 20ft Pace race car trailer. That may not sound like much but it’s far better than the 83 Chevy’s 8MPG pulling the same trailer! Even with the cost of diesel being higher than gas now it’s still cheaper to use the Dodge, and much safer to I might add.

The interior has the Dodge Captain’s chair type bucket seats with arm rests, center console and jump seats in the back so someone could ride there if needed. I put a set of ISS PRO gauges on it that read EGT, oil pressure, boost and water temp. Those are mounted on a cluster on the dash. I also upgraded the stereo system with a Kenwood receiver/CD player. There is one more thing I plan to add as soon as I find one. That item is a factory tachometer, which is a rare item these days. I’ll find one sooner or later though.

So the old Dodge will keep on trucking, probably longer than I’ll be able to.

1993 Dodge W350 LE