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1968 Camaro RS

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68 Camaro RS 68 Camaro RS

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68 Camaro RS

1968 Camaro SS, started building it in 1983 first raced in 1988.

A friend gave me this car and as you can see in the pictures, it wasn’t pretty as it had center punched a tree or pole before I got it. Everything forward of the firewall was tore up so it just got stripped down and I went from there.

This car was my first attempt at total car construction as it was basically scratch built out of 2"x3" rectangular and 1 5/8" round tubing. I made a drawing of sorts and used that for this build. I sold an 1850cc stroker VW engine I had to pay for the steel for this chassis. I used Vega front A arms and spindles (also free) along with a Pinto rack and pinion steering setup.

Out back a ladder bar setup with Koni coil overs, a Herb Mc Candless prepped Dana 60 rear with a 5:57 gear, spool and Strange axles finished it out. Wheels were Centerline all around.

Early on it also had a Turbo 350 and a GER converter. The converter went south in the first season and took the tranny with it so I went looking for a Glide with a trans brake since about that time Delay boxes were just coming around. I built my first Glide with a brake in 1989 and have been doing so since. Never had any help with that and so far all has been well. When the Glide went in a TCI converter went in also and when the GER converter came back from warranty claim, it went on the shelf! More on that later!

This was your basic TRW 406 CI SBC engine with 12.5 to 1 forged TRW pistons, LT1 “pink” rods, Cast 400 crank with a set of GM iron BowTie heads with a bowl cleanup and port match. Cam was a Comp Roller at .600 lift and 300* advertised duration and I used a set of Crower roller rockers up top.

That car was fairly light at about 2250 lbs and it ran low 6.0s on a good day at a good track. The car stated out with a Predator carb but later I went to an 850 Holley DP a friend loaned me, and then to a 9375 Dominator.

I won one race with this car and had a bunch of late round finishes as well. I sold this car “turn key” for $8500 in 1991 to have funds to finish the Studebaker. That car went on to greater things as the last owner wrecked it two years ago at Roxboro Motorsports and walked away from it. The car was totaled but he was unhurt. Oh, and he was running a killer BBC down in the mid 4s with a car that wasn’t designed to do that. Wonder why it got away from him?

Anyway, I have many fond memories of that first Camaro and at times I’ve wished I had it back. She’s gone forever now though!

68 Camaro RS

68 Camaro RS