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1976 Super Gas Camaro

1976 Super Gas Camaro

In January of 2006, just a little over a week after I sold that 235 Cameron Dragster, I bought this car from a guy named Michael Maggard in Dayton, Ohio. The car is an older Super Gas car that appears to be a combination of Morrison and other stuff, ie, the front clip looks to be Morrison and the rear seems to be improvised. From the 4 link mounts forward it is 2x3 tubing and from those mounts back it is 1 5/8 round tube, which makes for a light weight car @ 2450 wet. Up front it has Pinto spindles on after market control arms. Steering is a Pinto rack. Brakes are Wilwood disk both front and rear with a Wilwood dual master cylinder. Wheels are Weld Pro Stars both front and rear with Goodyear fronts and Hoosier 34x16x15s in the rear.

The engine is a 434 CID SBC with Race Flow Developement (Curtis Boggs) ported 18* Dart heads and intake. Bullet Cams actuates the Crower offset lifters, titanium intake and stainless exhaust valves, Crower shaft rockers and Manton push rods. Manley springs keep the valves and cam followers in check.

The rotating assembly is an Eagle 4 inch stroke crank, 6 inch Eagle H beam rods with L19 bolts and J&E dome pistons. The Compression ratio is 15.2 to 1 and it runs mostly on alcohol. Oiling system consists of a Milodon 8qt box sump pan, BBC oil pump, external oil filter and a home made accumulator. Brad Penn 20w50 racing oil keeps everything slick and happy.

Exhaust is a custom made set of headers by Terry Toms of Bedford, Va and are 2 1/8 stepped up to 2 into a 4 inch collector. From there 4 inch pipe connects to a pair of 4 inch Dyanmax bullet mufflers then turn downs with a Moroso Evac system at the end.

I have two different Dominator carbs that I built for this engine. One is an old style 8896 that I made into a 2 circuit gas carb and the other is an 1150 alky carb that has been highly modified with an added 3rd circuit metering system to help get enough fuel thru it. That fuel is pumped by a BoLaws belt drive pump from a front mounted 4 gal. fuel cell. All the carb mods were from a friend called "Tuner" that lives on the West Coast, who is also a member of forums.

The tranny is another of my Rutledge Racing special PowerGlides with a BTE Pro Brake valve body, 8 clutch high gear and a BTE input shaft. Planetary is also a BTE 1:80 straight cut. I also used a dual ring servo along with a JW ultra bell, JW roller tail shaft housing and a roller rear support. A TCI/Perry shifter handles the shifting along with an electric solenoid shifter and a Dedenbear shift controller off that Cameron dragster I had. The torque converter is also from BTE and is an 8 inch with a CCX stator and stalls at 6100 RPM.

Strange yokes and 1350 Spicer U joints connect to the Moser nodular iron rear center section with a Moser billet pinion support which is connected to the 5:14 Richmond Gear. Strange axles with 5/8 studs and FFCO double adjustable coil overs finish out the rear end.

This car has a lot of electronics in it. Ignition is provided by a complete MSD Programmable Digital 7 system including matching coil and hand held programmer. An MSD crank trigger tells things when to happen. Along with the MSD stuff there is a Innovate Data Logger in it which is logging 18 channels of data. Although at times it seems like "information overload", that data has been very valuable this year when it came to diagnosing some of the problems we've had with the car. It also has a K&R Pro Cube delay box with a Pro Start system for help leaving the starting line.

To date, on 1/8 mile tracks with the new engine we've been 5.46 @ 126 in October of 2008 at Natural Bridge Dragstrip with a best short time of 1.15 recorded at Piedmont Dragway back in July of 2008. We went 5.54 in August of 2008 so we've picked the car up a little as we've tuned on it.

76 Camaro Engine

76 Super Gas Camaro at Eastside Speedway